- 10 décembre 2013

UK Digital Market Overview December 2013

Your monthly snapshot of digital audience trends

Here is a brief summary of some of the key topics covered in this report:
A fairly static month on month performance on all platforms, Total Digital Population increased 1% to 47.8m, that growth coming from PC +0.3% (44.7m) and Video +0.8% (37m) with Mobile growing a fraction to 33.8m unique users

The demographic in focus for October are Females 25-34 and category behaviour gives some interesting insights;

  • The top category visited, by index, is surprisingly taxes – the main site within it is ListenToTaxman.com which offers calculators for tax paid and a salary gross to net calculator – when you consider the second most visited category is Job Search, it perhaps reveals that this group are looking towards the new year and a new job.
  • At perhaps a more personal treat level, Groupon is by far a favourite site, indexing at over 300 compared to usage by the total internet population.

Within the Multi-Platform rankings, the top 10 entities remain the same month on month, however there is some position swapping with Amazon moving from 4th in September to 3rd in October as we start to see the build up to Christmas begin

  • eBay also experienced a growth of 2 million unique users month on month in its mobile/tablet only data suggesting we may witness a shift in platform usage for this traditional peak in eCommerce.
  • Categories such as Retail-Food, Department Stores, Luxury Goods, Apparel and Toys all extended their reach by 50% or more, against PC only, reinforcing the shifting user behaviour towards mobile devices which has to be taken into account when planning a campaign to reach your target audience.

October’s top 10 YouTube partner sites ranking remains similar to those from September, however Warner have climbed to second position, swapping with Fullscreen to come in third place.

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