- 3. April 2023

For the first time, fast viewing results for every local market

Carol Hinnant
Carol Hinnant
Executive Vice President and Executive Advisor, Currency

14+ Years ago Comscore revolutionized media measurement with the launch of a singular methodology between Local and National reporting. Comscore’s methodology provided the same level of reporting granularity at the program and quarter hour, reporting granularity for all 210 markets never before available.

With the release of Comscore TV Pulse we are building on our long-established core methodology, providing results faster than ever before. Comscore’s approach has always been consistency in reporting, the same level of granularity for all markets, the same methodology across markets and national, and now the same speed across all reported networks and stations. The continued investment in our television product suite is designed to support both buyers and sellers.

Comscore TV Pulse reporting allows any advertiser or publisher doing business nationally or in any of the 210 local markets to have fast viewership data that is calibrated to final measurement results within 93% accuracy. This is the stability and predictability in currency measurement that the marketplace has been craving for decades.

For the first time ever, the marketplace will have access to 48-hour post air viewing results for 250+ networks and/or 2,000+ local stations. This newly launched data opens a whole new world for local markets ranked 50+ that were ‘shut out’ of in-flight campaign optimization and pacing data previously.

Comscore built Pulse with a new analytics engine that accounts for many distinct factors that could impact stability, while still using the same singular methodology that builds ratings and impressions viewing estimates zip code by zip code, market by market that ties directly to national reporting that powers our final television currency measurement.

As a real-world example of how Pulse performs against final data, here’s a look at the national average audience trend throughout this year’s Super Bowl. Pulse quarter-hour average audience estimates were within 0%-3% of Comscore TV’s final average audience metrics.

National Super Bowl Telecast

TV Pulse

The result is measurement that is consistent across multiple markets, time periods, and programming. It is a valuable optimization resource for both buy and sell side users.

With interoperability in mind, Pulse data is available right now in several TPPs including WideOrbit, Mediaocean, Lake 5, Hudson MX and Who’s Watching TV. 

Learn more with this list of FAQs  and a quick reference product card available now. 

Or ask us how we can transform your television measurement expectations, by reaching out to us at ComscoreTVClientServices@comscore.com or phone at 1-866-333-6212.