- 13. April 2017

"Measuring Television in the Programmatic Age" – Comscore in the Journal of Advertising Research

Andrew Lipsman
Senior Vice President, Marketing & Insights
Gian M. Fulgoni
Chairman Emeritus

As the media landscape has grown more complex and fragmented, the need for a radically new approach to cross-platform audience measurement has never been more urgent.  

In the following article, entitled “Measuring Television In the Programmatic Age: Why Television Measurement Methods Are Shifting Toward Digital,” Comscore Co-Founder and CEO Gian Fulgoni is joined by Comscore SVP of Marketing Insights Andrew Lipsman in describing Comscore’s vision for the future of cross-platform audience and advertising measurement in this fragmented media landscape.

We invite you to read the full article, which can also be found on the Journal of Advertising Research Foundation's website.

*The article was recently published in the March 2017 issue of the Journal of Advertising Research and is reprinted with permission.

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