- 19. August 2014

2014 Mexico Digital Future in Focus

Iván Marchant
Iván Marchant
VP Comscore Latinoamérica

The “2014 Mexico Digital Future in Focus” report provides a year in review of the major shifts in digital consumer behavior that occurred in various online sectors, including social media, education, government, travel and sports.

Key Insights from this report include:

  • Mexico is second following Brazil in terms of online audience size in Latin America.
  • Mexicans spent 14.8 hours online on average and 61.3% of time spent is by young people.
  • The most time spent by Mexicans is in the Social Media category.
  • Facebok leads on the list of main social networks in the country.
  • Sports sites in Mexico showed larger growth compared to the rest of Latin America.
  • The number of unique visitors to government sites grew 118% compared to last year.
  • Mexico has the highest penetration in mobile compared to other Latin American countries.
  • Android is the main operating system on mobile devices in Mexico.