27. Februar 2014 - Veranstaltung: comScore presentation

Succeeding with Viewable Impressions and Audience Guarantees

Andrea Vollman

MEDIA BUYERS AND SELLERS: Viewable impressions and audience guarantees are rapidly transforming the way you do business. While you're putting plans in motion to keep up with the changes, it seems more questions abound than answers.

  • What is “normal” when it comes to in-view and in-target rates?
  • What metrics and benchmarks can I use, and how should I interpret these data?
  • What language should I include in my RFP and IO to ensure smooth post-campaign reconciliations?
  • How should I handle situations where in-view can’t be measured?
  • Are there different ways to structure guarantees, and if so, what do I need to know about each?

In this presentation, we shared the latest comScore validated Campaign Essentials™ benchmarks for in-view and in-target rates across a variety of industries. Also featured are best practices for media buyers and sellers as they navigate the RFP/Proposal process, manage their campaigns in-flight and deal with post-campaign measurement, to ensure a smooth experience for all parties involved.

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