- 1. Juni 2015

2015 Mexico Digital Future in Focus

Iván Marchant
Iván Marchant
VP Comscore Latinoamérica

The digital world achieved enormous progress in 2014 as well as different transformations in the way that Mexicans interact with technology and consume media. Perhaps more than at any other momentin history, the changes were not merely incremental but rather seem to represent key turning points in the evolution of various markets and behaviors. In this annual report, we saw a migration to mobile devices, cover the prevailing trends in the use the web and the evolution of digital advertising. We show the current state of online advertising in Mexico and how Comscore is helping to drive the industry.

Here are some of the digital highlights of 2014 and what this means for 2015:

  • Mexico ranks as the second country in Latin America in terms of digital population.
  • Mexican Internet users spend more time on social networking sites compared to other categories.
  • With 77% of the digital population watching online videos, monthly consumption through this channel is still strong in Mexico.
  • News and Information is the category with the highest number of views from mobile phones and tablets via browsers.

In this report, we analyze various categories of digital media to show how the landscape has evolved, what and who is leading the way, and what this represents for the development of the industry.

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