26. Oktober 2022

Banking in 2022: Digital-first or Dead Last

Kimberly Verna
Kimberly Verna
Senior Director, Client Insights

As consumer behavior changes rapidly and new banking services enter the market, it is essential to understand where the industry is headed.

We’re seeing double-digit growth in online banking in the U.S. and across the world. To tap into this momentum, banks need to adapt and reach customers where they are: on digital and social platforms.

Join Comscore’s Kimberly Verna, Senior Director, Client Insights, and Madison Busick, Senior Marketing Associate, to learn how banking audiences are evolving and what you can do to capitalize on platform growth, gain new customers, and succeed in a competitive landscape.

Key topics covered in this webinar:

  • Composition of and trends within the online banking landscape.
  • Audience makeup and how consumers interact with banks online.
  • How the digital footprints of neobanks and traditional banks compare.
  • How neobanks are outpacing traditional banks on social media, and what other financial brands can learn from this.