- 2. April 2013

MMX Multi-Platform: The Next Generation of Digital Audience Measurement

Digital media consumption used to be simple and easy to account for, with audiences accessing the web through a single platform. With the rise of mobile in recent years, this dynamic has changed. Today, we see more than one in three minutes online now spent on mobile platforms. This new digital reality presents many challenges for marketers, which Comscore MMX® Multi-Platform addresses.

MMX Multi-Platform provides a holistic view of the total digital population with unduplicated audiences across platforms (PCs, smartphones and tablets) and content types (pages, videos and apps). This encore webinar introduces the methodology behind the product and shares beta data findings from this groundbreaking new view of the digital world.

This presentation explores key questions and MMX Multi-Platform insights, including:

  • How many incremental visitors come from mobile channels across top properties?
  • Which properties have the highest incremental audiences coming from mobile and tablet channels?
  • How many incremental viewers typically come from video assets?
  • What share of time spent online comes from PC vs. mobile?