- 3. April 2020

Understanding Media Consumption During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Jeff Sarault
Jeff Sarault
Senior Director, Account Management, Agencies

As the Coronavirus pandemic continues to spread around the globe, consumers everywhere are making significant changes to the way they interact with content and advertising across platforms.

Our “Understanding Media Consumption During the Coronavirus Pandemic“ webinar shares industry-specific insights on rapidly shifting media consumption trends across TV and digital, and offers perspective to help agencies and advertisers strategically reach their target consumers in an evolving media ecosystem.

This webinar explores:

  • Shifting consumption trends across TV and digital, and the resulting impact on the advertising and media industries
  • Finding your target consumer as media habits change 
  • Using historical TV programming data when accounting for programming that will not return this season
  • The shift in local market viewership trends
Coronavirus Insights

Lesen Sie unsere laufenden Aktualisierungen über sich verändernde Konsumtrends und die daraus resultierenden Auswirkungen auf die Werbe- und Medienbranche: comscore.com/ger/Insights/Coronavirus.

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Coronavirus Insights

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