Comscore Launches Online Video Measurement Service in Russia

Google’s YouTube Leads Russian Online Video Market, But Strong Local Competition

Moscow, Russia, 29th June 2011 – Comscore, Inc. (NASDAQ: SCOR), a leader in measuring the digital world, today announced the launch of Video Metrix in Russia. The online video measurement service, Video Metrix, which was the first to market in the U.S. more than four years ago, has since been launched in numerous markets around the world including the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and Turkey. The tool has been developed to enable Comscore’s clients to gain the insights into online video viewing needed to succeed in the online video marketplace. Comscore’s Video Metrix report shows that in May 2011, 4 billion online videos were viewed by over 41 million unique viewers in Russia. Since March 2011, the first month under measurement in Russia, the online video audience has grown by 5 percent and 27 percent more videos haven been consumed since March 2011.

In Russia, More Than a Third of All Online Videos Watched on YouTube

Google Sites, which includes video sharing site YouTube, is the most popular destination for online video viewing by a large margin, attracting 30.6 million unique viewers in May 2011. During the month, viewers watched 1.5 billion videos on YouTube, accounting for an average of 50 videos per viewer. Ranking as the second most used online video platform, with over 18 million unique viewers and 165 million videos watched, is the Group. Gazprom Media, owner of, ranked third with 12.3 million unique viewers and 178 million videos watched, followed by Yandex Sites, the largest search engine provider and most popular website overall in Russia, with 6.5 million unique viewers who watched over 35 million videos.

Top 10 Russian Online Video Properties* by Total Unique Viewers (000) May 2011 Total Russia, Age 15+ - Home & Work Locations** Source: Comscore Video Metrix
Property Total Unique Viewers (000) Videos (000)
 Total Internet : Total Audience 41,105 3,972,608
 Google Sites 30,589 1,533,956 Group 18,351 165,131
 Gazprom Media 12,284 177,915
 Yandex Sites 6,472 35,262
 RosBusinessConsulting 4,698 29,560
 VIMEO.COM 4,657 14,744
 VEVO 3,194 11,847
 DIGITALACCESS.RU 2,643 23,131
 24VIDEO.NET 2,433 35,110
 Channel One Russia 2,401 19,804

*The data represented is currently not inclusive of video viewing on Vkontakte sites but we are working on measuring their unique streaming protocol.

Young Males Show Highest Engagement with Online Video

In May 2011, 85 percent of the Russian internet population viewed online video and watched an average of ­­­97 videos per person, totalling 11 hours of viewing time per person during the month. However, there were significant differences in online video engagement by age and gender. Males between the age of 15-24 were the most engaged in Russia, and viewed an average of 156 videos each for 17.8 hours. Comparatively, females from the same age group consumed on average 11.8 hours of online video content, watching 99 videos per person. Online video appealed the least to females age 55 and older who spent only 7.9 hours on average watching 69 videos.

Overall, and across all age groups, the gap between male and female online video viewing habits is quite significant. On average, each male watched 32 videos more and spent 3.5 hours more watching online videos than his female counterpart.

Demographic Profile of Online Video Viewers in Russia May 2011 Total Russia, Age 15+ - Home & Work Locations Source: Comscore Video Metrix
Target Audience Total Internet
Videos per Viewer Hours per Viewer
Total Audience 96.6 11.0
 All Males 113.0 12.8
 All Females 81.0 9.3
Males - Age    
 Male: 15-24 155.7 17.8
 Males: 25-34 101.5 11.6
 Males: 35-44 83.8 9.5
 Male: 45-54 82.2 9.2
 Male: 55+ 98.6 10.6
Females - Age    
 Female: 15-24 98.6 11.8
 Females: 25-34 72.3 8.4
 Females: 35-44 71.6 7.5
 Female: 45-54 77.3 8.8
 Female: 55+ 69.3 7.9

Clients Support Video Metrix in Russia

“For the first time, with the launch of Video Metrix a more complete picture of video consumption in Russia is available. Now we understand how video is viewed not only on the top leading specialized multimedia sites, but on a multitude of sites with video players. It is highly important to our clients to know how many videos unique visitors view on average, how much time is spent on video content and many other types of data available. From now on, we are going to refer to the Video Metrix data and take it into account when evaluating the market and our business.”

- Mikhail Ilyichev, CEO of RuTube

“We’re pleased with the arrival of Comscore’s Video Metrix service to Russia. As a key player in this market, we strongly believe that reliable video measurement will help the industry develop and grow. As insight about the scale of video consumption continues to be made available, there will be an even greater propensity to trust the digital medium to build brands.”

- Vladimir Dolgov, Country Manager of Google Russia

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