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Comscore TDS is the industry’s leading software for releases of all sizes—from major studio blockbusters to small independent releases, and everything in between.
TDS supports all sales, accounting, administration, analysis and reporting functions and allows distributors to maintain real-time revenue calculations and receivables using a single powerful, integrated, user-friendly application.
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Flexible Data

Supports country-specific, configurable, statutory distributor-based business rules embedded in the database, which accommodates flexible workflow rules and data retrieval.

Flexible Data

Secure Application

Extensible role-based, territory-based and function-based security maintains the integrity and confidentiality of sensitive data.

Secure Application

Efficient Results

Extensive interface capabilities reduce time-consuming data entry and reduce potential for user error.

Efficient Results

Key Benefits

  • Increase workflow efficiency by accurately tracking accounting, accruals, collections and statements in a real-time integrated system.
  • Reduce costs and improve operating efficiencies by streamlining data entry and data sharing.
  • Make more informed future decisions by determining patterns and establishing benchmarks based on historical data.

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Chris Morgan
Chris Morgan
Vice President, Business Relations

In seiner Rolle als Vice-President of Business Relations arbeitet Chris eng mit Betreibern und Verleihern zusammen, um die Effizienz in allen Phasen eines Filmtitel- Lebenszyklus zu steigern. Chris verfügt über mehr als 20 Jahre Erfahrung im Kinovertrieb von nationalen und internationalen Studios.

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