Unlock the power of Comscore Campaign Ratings to pinpoint the precise moment of campaign Reach saturation through daily reach/frequency analysis

Matthew Wiesemann
Matthew Wiesemann
Senior Manager, Marketing
CCR’s Daily Reach/Frequency reporting Advanced Audience reporting helps clients identify the point of diminishing campaign returns to provide optimal ROI enhancement.

By identifying this point, advertisers can optimize their campaign strategy to focus on more productive avenues, ensuring that their advertising budget is used efficiently and effectively. Are you interested to learn more about how CCR can provide insights to maximize the impact of your cross-platform ad campaigns?

The Scenario

An international car manufacturer sought to understand diminishing reach returns to optimize advertising campaign duration for efficient resource allocation.

The Solution

Number 1

Step 1

Implement CCR using Comscore’s easy-to-append digital tag to capture valuable Reach, Frequency, and Unique Audience metrics for the campaign.

Number 2

Step 2

Measure the complete campaign flight to strategically analyze daily Reach and Frequency dynamics and pinpoint audience saturation thresholds.

Number 3

Step 3

Optimize the duration of upcoming ad campaigns for maximum reach efficiency, eliminating unnecessary ad spend while achieving peak audience Reach and Frequency.

The Results

The client was able to identify the optimal end point for future campaigns of similar scope to conserve ad spend.

  • The target Frequency of 9 was reached 2 weeks prior to the end of the campaign.
  • Reach increased by less than 3% during the final weeks of the campaign.

The client leveraged this data to strategize the ideal duration for upcoming campaigns of similar scale, unlocking budget allocation for premium inventory acquisition.