Comscore Custom Reporting Delivers a Marketing Proof Point for Exclusive Reach

Toby Crisp
Toby Crisp
Vice President Client Insights
Comscore Custom helped a new ad network demonstrate the value of their audience reach.

A newly launched ad network needed to demonstrate the strength of their audience reach across digital and incrementality vs existing sites. Comscore partnered with them to showcase their reach to drive new and stronger revenue opportunities with advertisers.

The Scenario

A new ad network wanted to demonstrate that they had established a foothold in the cluttered market for display advertising.

The Solution

Comscore created a custom report, grouping the ad network's partner entities, without the need for formal traffic assignment or go forward set-up in the interface.

Number 1

Custom List Creation

Comscore worked with the ad network to map out an exhaustive domain list that covered their partners’ reach

Number 2

Campaign Activated

Comscore data scientists extracted data from Comscore’s raw datasets, unduplicating reach across the network of sites

Number 3

Performance Measured

Comscore analysts curated an executive summary for the sales team at the network to take to market, demonstrating a large and exclusive reach above and beyond social networks

The Results

Comscore were able to prove that the ad network could reach audiences beyond social networks, with desirable demo profiles, across multiple countries.

The network reaches significant amounts of high-income households.

The network outperforms all standalone social platforms.

Ad Network Reach Multi-Platform

Reach of AdNetworks is 95% of the UK Total Digital population, whereas in the US and France, it is 90.6% and 83% respectively.

AdNetwork Reach

AdNetwork Audience Income (US)

The majority of Adnetworks' audience in the US earns over $100,000