Comscore TV Local empowers cosmetic brand to identify stations that best reach their target audiences

Tracy Roberts
Tracy Roberts
Manager, Account Management
Comscore TV local reporting empowers advertisers to identify stations that most reach their cosmetic brand's Broad-Based, Target, and 1P Audiences​.

A cosmetic brand wished to gain local market level TV viewership insights for their broad-based, target, and own 1P audiences to reach them where they are making purchase decisions.

The Scenario

An agency would like to buy airtime for their cosmetic brand on a station in Chicago, that has the overall highest reach across the brand's broad-based, target, and first party audiences during Late Fringe

The Solution

The cosmetic brand client identified their three target audiences. Using Comscore TV Local, the client was able to see which station in Chicago, during Late Fringe, best reached all three of their targets.

Number 1

Broad-Based Audience


Number 2

Target Audience

F25-34 who have bought cosmetics in the last 30 days

Number 3

1P Audience

F25-34 subscribers to cosmetic brand’s annual distribution list

The Results

The agency identified Station A as having the overall highest reach across all three of their target audience segments, during Late Fringe in Chicago. As a result, the agency was able to optimize their budget by reallocating campaign spend in-flight.

Chicago - LATE FRINGE Live Avg Audience