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Spotlight on the Power of Minority-Owned Media

Tara Gotch
Tara Gotch
Executive Vice President, Commercial
Jeremy Gabor
Jeremy Gabor
SVP, Sales

Upfront season is here, and advertisers are increasing their focus on minority-owned and minority-focused media outlets when considering future ad spend. Minority-owned media have the unique power to capture engaged, segmented audiences for their advertisers.

In this blog post, we’ll look at the ability of various minority-owned TV networks to draw in relevant audiences. We’ll also look at how the same rings true for minority-owned media on the local level, where although the market size is smaller, Comscore’s data shows how minority-owned local outlets can deliver outsized impact to their advertisers.

Minority-focused networks are a powerful medium for reaching younger demographics, especially females.

Let’s take a closer look at four TV networks that are all minority-owned and provide some programming specifically focused on minority audiences—ASPiRE, Fuse, Revolt and TV One. These networks all over index for households with younger audiences (A18-49) but most specifically perform best with young women (W18-29). While all four networks over index with women 18-49, only two over index with men 18-49 (Fuse and Revolt). All networks significantly over index for children present in the HH.

Network Performance,Among Comscore Demographics

Minority-owned networks that don’t necessarily have minority-focused programming also show unique advantages at reaching key audiences. The Weather Channel is a minority-owned network that, as its name implies, provides weather-related programming on a national scale. The Weather Channel over indexes for adults over 35, both males and females, as well as homeowners.

The Weather Channel Performance

Minority-owned/minority programming-focused networks are a powerful channel for finding automotive owners.

The value of these minority-owned and/or programming-focused networks is even clearer when looking at automotive owner and intender demographic segments.

Our selected minority-focused networks are must-buys to reach Cadillac and Nissan owners, who view these networks at a +29% and +57% higher frequency than other networks throughout the day. Notably, Cadillac owners tuned into ASPiRE 57% more than the average audience.

Network Performance Among Nissan and Cadillac Owners

When looking at The Weather Channel, we can see that three of GM’s four brands over index on the network. Particularly, Buick and Chevrolet owners tuned into 13% and 17% more programming than the average viewer, respectively.

The Weather Channel Performance Among GM Brand Owners

Auto intenders with a budget below $20k all over indexed for these networks. Intenders with a budget between $20k and $30k tuned in at just under the average rate.

Network Performance Among Selected Auto Intender Budgets

Local networks allow for additional advertising granularity.

On a local level, we looked at minority-owned News 8 in Indianapolis and found that it’s a prime network if you want to reach Buick and Cadillac buyers. Across nearly all daily news programming, News 8 over indexed with Buick and Cadillac owners on News 8. Notably, Cadillac owners tuned into 58% and 51% more programming during News 8 Daybreak at 4:30 a.m. and News 8 at 4 p.m., respectively, than the average viewer.

WISH CW Local News Performance Among Cadillac and Buick Owners

Additionally, when looking at Comscore’s new vehicle shopper ratings during the News 8 programming year-over-year, we can see that News 8 at 10 p.m. consistently sees the highest ratings among new vehicle shoppers.

WISH CW New Vehicle Shopper Ratings by Month

Comscore provides reliable and stable measurement of one-in-three TV households across the U.S. Comscore Advanced Audiences give advertisers a better understanding of their key audiences and how they consume television content.

To learn more about how Comscore measurement can help drive media planning decisions, contact us.

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