- 3 Marzo 2015

TV & Digital Video Everywhere: Measuring Multi-Platform, Time-shifted Video Viewing

Over the past few years, consumers have drastically altered their video viewing habits, taking advantage of the many platforms available to watch video, whenever and wherever they want.

For content owners to get credit for these audiences and for advertisers to accurately plan multi-platform campaigns, the ecosystem must transact on consistent and trusted digital video measurement.  Video Reporting must provide a single, unduplicated view of the way people are actually watching video – on their own time, across their preferred device.

This infographic provides some key findings from Video Metrix Multi-Platform:

  • Video audiences are larger than content owners have been getting credit for
  • A majority of Millennials watch TV/video on smartphones
  • Video viewing is getting bigger on small screens
  • TV network audiences are watching TV/video on mobile
  • Tablet and OTT engagement is greater than desktop or smartphone, in emerging cases
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Comscore Video Metrix Multi-Platform delivers a single, unduplicated measure of digital video consumption across desktop, smartphone, tablet and over-the-top (OTT) devices. Premium video content and advertising can be planned, bought and sold across platforms using TV-comparable GRP metrics that measure audience engagement. 

Comscore can help you get the most value from your video audiences and advertising. To learn more, Contact Us.

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