- 6 Maggio 2014

Mobile Path to Purchase

Comscore Chairman Emeritus and Co-Founder, Gian Fulgoni, was the keynote speaker at the 2014 Local Search Association Conference, delivering an address on the state of the local search market in relation to the multi-platform consumer boom.

The rapid adoption and use of mobile devices is changing the face of digital marketing. Consider for example that over 50% of time spent on the Internet now occurs via mobile access. In this presentation, Gian Fulgoni reviews up-to-the minute statistics showing how consumers are conducting local search today, with a particular focus on the use of mobile devices and the implications for marketers and publishers

Some key takeaways

  • The Digital Omnivore has emerged
  • Mobile search and advertising growing rapidly in importance
  • Successful multi-platform marketing can mean the difference between realizing valuable opportunities vs. suffering damaging consequences

Ulteriori informazioni

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