- 7 dicembre 2015

2015 Argentina Digital Future in Focus

Relatore: Marcos Christensen and Alejandro Fosk

This presentation outlines the full details of our annual report: 2015 Argentina Digital Future in Focus, and includes the most relevant information of the digital world in this country.

This presentation includes statistics on the involvement of Argentina in terms of advertising measurement, engagement, social networks and the impact on the digital market.

Some key highlights from this presentation are:

  • The use of video in Argentina has grown 66% in the last year.
  • The main categories of contents reached over 80% of desktop users, demonstrating a continued relevance for multitude of tasks and content consumption.
  • Mobile usage in Argentina increased 7.3% last year.
  • Social Media sites represent about 2 in 5 online ads served in Argentina.
  • Half of Argentina's population is under 35 years of age and a significant 13% are over 55.