- 4 Settembre 2020

Programmatic CTV: Reaching Key Audiences and Improving the Ad Experience

Angela Rodriguez
Angela Rodriguez
Vice President, Activation
Frank Sinton
Frank Sinton
President and Founder, Beachfront
Ryanne Laredo
Ryanne Laredo
Chief Customer Officer, Amobee

Connected TV (CTV) has grown substantially over the last few years, and the impact of shifting CTV, OTT, and TV viewership is changing how we approach these audiences in this everchanging landscape. 

Comscore, Beachfront and Amobee invite you to join us as we explore the impact of shifting viewership and industry trends across CTV consumption – Highlighting the challenges and opportunities in this space and offering our predictions for what to expect in the future along with suggestions on current ways to connect with these audiences.  

During this webinar we explored: 

  • CTV viewership insights trends 
  • Best practices for publishers using ad tech in CTV space
  • CTV programmatic vs. direct buy 

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