20 Ottobre 2022

Ignite Your Social Audience with Comscore's Personas

Danan Ren
Danan Ren
VP, Client Insights
Jason Clough
Jason Clough
Senior Director, Partnerships & Insights

In the golden age of content, marketers and publishers are tasked with breaking through the noise to grow and engage their audience.

Within this webinar, Comscore’s Danan Ren, VP, Client Insights and Jason Clough, Director, Customer Success unpacked all the actionable, cross-platform insights you need to reach new audiences and continue to engage your loyal fans and followers on social with winning content that inspires and delights.

  • Discover the relationships between your audience groups and their interests on social. Do the same for any brand or handle you are interested in.
  • Learn how to leverage Comscore’s Personas and Affinity features side by side to find the overlap between brands and audiences.
  • Carefully craft a targeted influencer campaign.
  • Identify new opportunities to expand reach.

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