- 29 Luglio 2022

Leveraging New Instagram Reels Analytics to Win Hearts

Danan Ren
Danan Ren
VP, Client Insights
Jo O'Donoghue
Jo O'Donoghue
VP, Product Design

New Instagram Reels analytics have landed! How can brands and publishers action Comscore's always-on measurement of Instagram Reels, TikTok, and other short form video to create a best-in-class video strategy that attracts new audiences? 

Within this webinar Danan Ren, VP, Client Insights and Jo O’Donoghue, VP, Product Design taught best practices based on data-driven insights. 

Key insights covered:

  • Why it is crucial for brands and publishers to get ahead of Instagram Reels
  • Top tips for Reels and TikTok strategy from an analysis of top performing short form video content
  • How always-on insights from Comscore social measurement make it easy to curate and optimize your brand’s strategy to maximize engagement

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