Achieve optimal campaign protection without sacrificing reach and ROI

Comscore Activation provides robust brand safety and brand suitability filters for optimal campaign protection across display, video, mobile, CTV and podcasts.

Comscore Activation goes beyond the typical binary approach to brand safety and enables advertisers to pursue their desired advertising strategy without worrying about unwanted negative associations. Comscore’s proprietary categorization technology analyzes billions of URLs, videos, and podcasts each month. It takes into account the true essence of the content – not just URLs or keywords – by applying non-linguistic contextual profiling (also known as “pattern profiling”) across hundreds of thousands of topics to provide a highly-accurate appraisal of safety.

This methodology allows Comscore to provide brand suitability tiers that give advertisers the ability to fine-tune their brand safety applications based on risk tolerance. Clients can combine high/medium/low risk segments with numerous descriptive filters, custom keywords and phrases to protect campaigns based on their unique brand needs.

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Always On

Rest assured knowing that your brand is protected with coverage that updates in real-time at the appropriate risk threshold.
Always On - Brand Safety


Fine-tune your brand safety applications using our nuanced levels based on risk tolerance, avoiding an all-or-none approach seen with a strict block list.
Non-Binary - Brand Safety

Avoid Keyword Updates

The intelligent categorization technology in our Brand Protection solution employs machine learning, so segments evolve with new terminology.
Avoid Keyword Updates - Brand Safety

Brand Protection Segments and Risk Levels

Brand Safety Segments
  • Accidents
  • Alcohol
  • Click-Baiting
  • Crime/Violence
  • Gambling
  • Health Issues 
  • Illegal Drugs
  • Manga/Anime
  • Misinformation
  • Negative News
  • Not Safe for Work
  • Offensive
  • Online Illegal
  • Porn
  • Terrorism
  • Tobacco
  • UGC
  • Weapons
  • Content Ratings (G)
  • Content Ratings (PG-13)
  • Content Ratings (R)
Brand Suitability Segments
  • Adult content 
  • Alcohol
  • Arms & ammunition 
  • Crime & violence
  • Death or Injury
  • Epidemic
  • Hate Speech
  • Illegal drugs
  • Military conflicts
  • Profanity and Obscenity
  • Terrorism
  • Tobacco/vaping
  • Violation of Human Rights
Misinformation Segments Powered by Newsguard
  • Untrustworthy
  • Health Misinformation
  • Political Misinformation
  • Election Misinformation
  • Covid Misinformation
  • QAnon Misinformation
Brand Suitability Risk Levels
High Risk

High Risk
Main content relates to brand suitability category and/or is related to death, if applicable.

Medium Risk

Medium Risk
Media content or entertainment content related to brand unsafe category but does not have death implications.

Low Risk

Low Risk
Content outside the main content article such as educational content, side bars and recommended/related articles related to the category

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Rachel Gantz
General Manager, Activation Solutions

Rachel Gantz ricopre il ruolo di General Manager per la divisione Activation Solutions. Si occupa della gestione della strategia di prodotto e go-to-market, oltre a curare l’esecuzione operativa delle soluzioni di Comscore Activation alimentando l’ecosistema del programmatic advertising con dati di altissima qualità su vasta scala.

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Angela Rodriguez
Angela Rodriguez
Vice President, Activation

Angela Rodrigues ricopre il ruolo di Vice President di Activation. Aiuta i clienti a orientarsi nell’ecosistema del programmatic advertising, rispondendo a domande relative al business utilizzando i dati multi-piattaforma offerti da Comscore.

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