Turn viewers into voters

Comscore measurement solutions help you to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your campaign ads.

Comscore helps you uncover granular insights into your key voters—who they are and how they consume media.

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Local TV Measurement

Use Comscore Advanced Audiences and key political segments in StationView Essentials® to identify high-value targets on local television, and how to reach these key voters.

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Digital Campaign Ratings

Use validated Campaign Essentials™ (VCE®) to evaluate digital campaign performance throughout its run to ensure brand safety and to see how effective your ads are at reaching your target voters.

Cross-Platform Ratings

Comscore Campaign Ratings™ unlock the value of cross-platform political campaigns with insights into consumer behavior across platforms, including over-the-top (OTT) and connected device trends.

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Custom Solutions

Congressional District Ratings

Congressional District Ratings

Comscore Congressional District Ratings is a geography-based report that provides local television buyers and sellers with advanced political and demographic data on specific congressional districts, allowing them to better transact during key political seasons.

Custom Analytics

Custom Analytics

Comscore’s custom TV analytics and segments allow you to build and plan against political segments that fit your campaign needs. Our custom reports are built using voter registration files matched against TV and digital viewing.