- 31 gennaio 2024

Unlocking the Potential of Livestreaming: Proximic by Comscore's New Patented Technology

Maddie Loder
Maddie Loder
Content Marketing Associate
Proximic by Comscore

In an era defined by digital disruption and rapid technological advancement, livestreaming has taken the video world by storm, captivating audiences and transforming how we engage with media.

Nearly one-third of internet users worldwide consume livestream content each week.

Proximic by Comscore announced today a new US patent for its livestream contextual intelligence technology. This patented technology will help support publishers to more effectively monetize their livestream video inventory and increase advertiser confidence in buying livestream media. As livestreaming continues to gain momentum, content creators and advertisers alike are exploring innovative avenues to harness its potential.

This patented technology will help support publishers to more effectively monetize their livestream video inventory and increase advertiser confidence buying livestream media.

Proximic by Comscore's Livestream Contextual Intelligence Technology

Proximic's new livestream contextual intelligence technology operates at the intersection of artificial intelligence and real-time content analysis. By taking in livestream video content from publishers and categorizing it in real-time against Proximic’s extensive taxonomy, including its proprietary ID-free Predictive Audience taxonomy, this technology enables publishers to offer dynamic ad placements that align seamlessly with the content being streamed.

Unlike traditional contextual categorization methods, this technology doesn't settle for static assessments. Instead, it evaluates video content second-by-second, providing a comprehensive understanding of the evolving narrative and enabling precise ad targeting during upcoming advertisement breaks. With over 350,000 granular sub-categories, including brand safety and suitability, ID-free Predictive Audience segments and ID-free demographics, Proximic's AI-powered solution ensures unparalleled accuracy and relevance in ad placements.

Addressing Industry Challenges

It’s common for publishers to struggle with monetizing livestreaming content effectively due to advertiser concerns about their ads appearing in contextually irrelevant or brand-unsafe placements.

Proximic's new livestream contextual intelligence technology addresses these challenges by empowering publishers to offer programmatically-driven ad placements with full contextual insights, all in real-time. Advertisers can now confidently engage with livestream content, knowing that their ads will align with their targeting guidelines and enhance rather than compromise their brand reputation.

One sector in particular that is poised to benefit from this technology is local and national livestream news media, in which publishers are challenged to both monetize and preserve critical journalism. By enabling publishers to enhance monetization of livestream news content, particularly in an election year in which the need for accessible, diverse news content is heightened, Proximic's solution aims to contribute to the sustainability of journalistic endeavors, reinforcing the vital role of journalism in society.

Looking Ahead: Cookie-free Monetization

As the digital landscape barrels towards a cookie-free future, Proximic's new livestream contextual intelligence technology emerges as a beacon of innovation for publishers of live video. By operating beyond the constraints of traditional identifiers, this solution paves the way for seamless, future-proofed monetization of real-time video inventory.

For more information on how you can start leveraging Proximic by Comscore’s newly patented livestream contextual intelligence technology or any of our other monetization tools contact us today.