- 17 maggio 2023

ARF Analytics Council Virtual Event

- Questo evento si è concluso -

In response to the inability to measure reach and frequency across linear television and digital platforms, the World Federation of Advertisers (WFA) embarked on a multi-year initiative to provide local industry bodies with a blueprint for delivering cross-media measurement. This blueprint is designed to include both digital channels and linear TV and approaches reach and frequency measurement based on the novel concept of Virtual IDs (VIDs).

A Layman’s Guide to Cross Media Reach & Frequency Measurement Using Virtual IDs

17 maggio : 12:00 - 13:00 ET
Jukka Ranta
Jukka Ranta
VP, Data Science, Statistics

On May 17, the ARF Analytics Council will delve into the groundbreaking concept of VIDs and their potential to revolutionize cross-media measurement. Experts will explain the essential mechanics of VIDs in a non-technical manner and share how VIDs could overcome barriers in calculating cross-media and device reach and frequency.

Enhance your understanding of the tools that may soon become essential to understanding cross-media reach and frequency, yet are still relatively unfamiliar to many in the media and advertising industries.

Plus, event attendees will gain exclusive early access to the Analytics Council’s VID whitepaper.