- 17 settembre 2017

China: Understanding Online Video Consumption at the Programme Level

Xinyu Huang
Xinyu Huang
Senior Vice President, Managing Director, Greater China

Comscore recently launched Extended Video in China. This new offering delivers programme-level insights into online video consumption, providing granular data on content viewed, audience composition and engagement across the video ecosystem on a weekly and daily basis. An analysis of the multi-platform and mobile data revealed some key findings:

Smaller audiences can be more valuable for TV drama views

  • During the week of 30 January – 5 February 2017, “三生三世十里桃花” led the market in terms of both audience scale and total videos.
  • However, despite having the third largest audience, “孤芳不自赏” achieved over 43% more views than “射雕英雄传”, which had a larger audience.
  • Other examples of shows that outperformed their viewers ranking were “于成龙”, “微微一笑很倾城” and “乱世丽人行”.

Digital video offers diverse audiences by programme

  • Data from the week of 30 January – 5 February 2017 shows how age demographics varied dramatically when consuming digital video content.
  • In contrast, the most watched show for under 25s “于成龙” did not even make the top 10 for the older demographic.
  • Nuanced habits such as these present very actionable consequences for both advertisers and content developers, who can find digital audiences in a granular manner.

The power of online syndication for video

  • Whilst exclusive programmes have the power to draw large audiences, the scale and on-demand nature of online distribution means that syndication can yield many views.
  • Data from the week of 30 January – 5 February 2017 shows how some syndicated programmes across the web achieved over 4 times as many views as even the most popular exclusive programmes.
  • Content owners and advertisers must carefully weigh the value of exclusivity when examining their reach and frequency objectives in a digital world.

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