- 19 dicembre 2014

Half of Millennial Netflix Viewers Stream Video on Mobile

Time and time and time again, Millennials have been shown to exhibit a unique set of digital habits which is sharply distinct from that of the rest of the digital population. In particular, this 18-34 year old demographic tends to be much more mobile-heavy than earlier generations, and this is once again the case when it comes to Netflix usage.

Netflix Mobile Chart

Of the Millennials who watch Netflix, nearly half of them do at least some of their video viewing from a smartphone or tablet. In comparison, 36 percent of Netflix viewers who are 35-54 years old stream the popular service via mobile, while just 30 percent of the 55+ age group does so.

While it’s evident that Millennials are more comfortable consuming on mobile platforms than the older segments of the population, this data also shows how significant mobile has become with video streaming in general. A large percentage of viewers overall are reaping the benefits of faster 4G connections and are now doing their more of their TV viewing on-the-go than ever before. Given this shift in consumer behavior, accurate video measurement on mobile platforms is becoming an increasingly important issue in this new era of television viewing.

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