- 3 maggio 2016

How Food Delivery Services Have Kept Customers Reaching For The Phone

UK consumers have embraced digital channels for ordering food deliveries, driven overwhelmingly by mobile devices. During March this year, over 17% of the UK’s total digital population visited one of the top 3 food delivery sites via PC, smartphone or tablet.

An analysis of key online takeaway services in the UK reveals that Just-Eat Group is leading the way, with over 6 million unique visitors in total, and over 4.5 million who accessed via mobile only. Other large audiences included the nearly 3 million users of Domino’s Pizza, Inc. and almost 2 million unique visitors to HUNGRYHOUSE.CO.UK.

Key Findings:

  • More than 8 million UK consumers visited at least one of the top three food delivery services in March 2016.
  • HUNGRYHOUSE.CO.UK was the most mobile-biased of the entities studied, with over 80% of total unique visitors accessing only via mobile devices (smartphone or tablet).
  • Loyalty could prove crucial in this growing market, and 65% of the Just-Eat Group audience did not visit either Domino’s Pizza, Inc. or HUNGRYHOUSE.CO.UK in the study period, compared to smaller exclusive audiences for Domino’s Pizza, Inc. (48%) and HUNGRYHOUSE.CO.UK (30%).

Device Usage across food delivery
Cross Visitation across selected food delivery