- 5 novembre 2015

Mobile Millennials in Canada

How can you tailor your online experience to reach Millennials effectively?

Millennials are among the most highly sought-after groups for advertisers. At the same time, they show radically different digital behaviours compared to your average Canadian.

For example, a whopping 70% of Millennials access the internet across both desktop and mobile devices in a month, compared to 51% of Canada’s Total Digital Population.

Click here to download our latest MMX® Multi-Platform Infographic, which shows a few key ways in which Millennials are unique in their online behaviours across desktop, smartphone and tablet devices.

Download the full infographic

MMX Multi-Platform can help you understand your target audience size and engagement across devices. All of these metrics can be compared across digital media platforms and used to understand incremental or complementary activity coming from each platform.

To understand what else you can – and should – learn from our MMX Multi-Platform data:
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