- 9 dicembre 2013

U.S. Desktop + Mobile E-Commerce Spending on Cyber Monday Topped $2 Billion While Black Friday Surpassed $1.5 Billion

In line with our predictions, mobile commerce (i.e. buying on smartphones and tablets) is already playing a major role in online retail this 2013 holiday season. Comscore recently compiled our mobile estimates for Black Friday and Cyber Monday and found that m-commerce accounted for hundreds of millions of dollars and a sizeable percentage of total U.S. online spending.

Black Friday saw $314 million in m-commerce spending, representing 21 percent of the $1.512 billion in total digital commerce on that day, while Cyber Monday saw $350 million in m-commerce, good for 17 percent of the $2.085 billion in total spending.
M-commerce accounting for about 1 in 5 digital dollars spent on these days is significant because that percentage is far higher than we’ve ever seen in our quarterly spending data. Mobile’s share of online retail in Q3 2013 was 10.8 percent, while Q4 2012 currently holds the record for a fiscal quarter at 11.3 percent. The m-commerce strength on Black Friday and Cyber Monday is consistent with Comscore’s expectations that these emerging shopper behaviors would become magnified during these periods of concentrated activity.
Cyber Monday’s mobile boost was instrumental in helping the day’s online spending total surpass $2 billion, making it the first time in history to reach that threshold. Black Friday experienced an even greater lift from mobile, as many shoppers partook in showrooming and “sit-back shopping” to get the best deals and avoid the crowds during the retail industry’s busiest day of the year.

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