- 12 aprile 2013

Which Sites Capture The Most Screen Time in Russia?

During February 2013, there were 61.4 million Russians who went online via a desktop PC or laptop. Ranked by total unique visitors, Mail.ru Group and Yandex Sites were the top 2 web properties in Russia, with 52.5 million and 51.8 million visitors respectively in February 2013. Google Sites attracted 45.8 million users putting it in third place, followed by VK.com with an audience of 43.9 million unique visitors during the month.

Mail.ru Group not only had the biggest audience in February 2013, but users also spent the most time on their sites – an average of 356.7 minutes per visitor. VK.com has the second highest engagement in Russia with 343.2 average minutes spent per visitor, followed by Google sites in third position with 101.8 minutes per visitor during February 2013.

Which Sites Capture The Most Screen Time in Russia?

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