CTV in the Changing Media Landscape

Senior Director, Account Management, Agencies

This is the final episode in this series and we cover the last two burning issues from our top 10. The emergence of CTV as a prominent advertising channel raises several questions for the measurement landscape and that's why our ninth burning issue is: The Pros and Cons of Panel-Based Measurement in the CTV landscape. And to end our series this episode also cover how we can Targeting CTV Audiences in a Cookie-Free World, our final burning issue of this CTV podcast series.

It has been a pleasure sharing all these thoughts and insights with you and we hope that it has helped answer some of the questions you may have had about this exciting channel.

This series is about the opportunities and challenges of Connected TV (CTV) in international markets (UK / Europe). We talk about the top 10 burning issues in CTV, which will help our prospects and clients navigate the subject.

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