- 20 luglio 2011

State of Local Business Search

Relatore: Christy Randall, Senior Analyst, Comscore, Inc. & Natalie Wuchenich, Director, Research, Local Search Association

Online search activity continues to increase in usage and intensity with local intended searches now accounting for 13% of core search activity on the top portals. Online IYP/local search also continues to show healthy annual growth, expanding the search base by nearly 2 billion searches since 2007. As search growth continues to positively impact local portals, local search sites, and IYP sites alike, learn how to best use the digital space to assist offline and online consumer decision-making and purchases.

Comscore and the Local Search Association share findings from our State of IYP study focusing on usage and consumer experiences with online and mobile local business search activity.

Key findings to be discussed:

  • The latest trends in IYP/Local business online and mobile search behavior
  • Trends contributing to growth and what to expect in 2012
  • How to gain intelligence in both online and mobile local business search usage

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