- 8 maggio 2014

Mobile Metrix® and Ad Metrix® Pre-Launch in Argentina

Relatore: Marcos Christensen, Comscore Country Manager of Argentina and Uruguay

The explosive growth in the adoption of mobile devices makes it critical to understand your target audience and to have visibility in the mobile market. Do you know about the behaviors and characteristics of your mobile users?

Comscore brings to Argentina the first tool to help measure mobile audiences. Comscore Mobile Metrix® provides a direct and continuous monitoring of mobile device and app usage, generating insights unprecedented in mobile browsing.

In addition, learn about our new and powerful tool to have a complete view of the online display investment landscape. With Comscore Ad Metrix®, find out how many people were exposed to a campaign through online display ads, the frequency, which publishers were used as a part of the campaign, and the estimated investment among other variables.

In this presentation, Comscore Country Manager of Argentina Marcos Christensen explores the tools that will allow you to know who is who and how engaged your audience is.