- 23 marzo 2020

Social Media Spotlight – India, Indonesia, Malaysia

Jansen Bek
Jansen Bek
Marketing Manager APAC

In December 2019, APAC had most of the global social media unique visitors, representing 64% of the global audience. In this follow-up to our previous report on social media in APAC, we take a closer look at markets with a high social media penetration rate - India, Indonesia and Malaysia.

In this report, we explore the social media landscape in two of the biggest mobile-first markets in APAC, India and Indonesia, as well as in Malaysia and share some key insights.

Key topics covered in the report include:

  • Size of social media audience and penetration rate in the different markets
  • Affinity of age groups and genders towards social media
  • Top social media entities, instant messenger and social networking mobile apps in each market
  • Categories that heavy users of social media tend to visit

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