26 settembre 2023

A global look at digital consumer benchmarks

Maite Azkuna
Maite Azkuna
Senior Analyst, Marketing Content & Insights

The 2023 Digital Consumer Benchmarks report provides key insights into the opportunities for businesses to gain a competitive advantage in the global digital landscape, including the state of digital in the United States.

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Dive into the most recent worldwide trends in cross-media measurement, including retail, news/information, entertainment consumption and more industries. Additionally, gain valuable insights on the impact of social media on marketing strategies and investment decisions.

This report answers questions including:

  • What are the size and growth rates of the digital markets?
  • Which digital platforms dominate each market?
  • Which websites & apps are the global movers & shakers?
  • Do entity preferences vary by age and gender?
  • What are the key social media trends from the opening half of 2023?

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