Blog Mar. 18, 2014 | Share The Duplication Complex Failing to Acknowledge the Importance of Mobile Only Audiences

The Duplication Complex: Failing to Acknowledge the Importance of ‘Mobile-Only’ Audiences

The advertising industry has come a long way in a short period of time when it comes to mobile and display advertising. With the rapid rise of mobile, agencies and advertisers have had to rapidly change their approach to reach consumers who now spend more than half their digital media time on smartphones and tablets. Read more

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Blog Dec. 9, 2013 | Share The Multi-Platform Majority: How Mobile is Changing the Way We Experience the Web

The Multi-Platform Majority: How Mobile is Changing the Way We Experience the Web

The best way to define mobile utility is to break down the device adoption trends and usage profiles. The greater the penetration and the greater the time spent directly correlates to how useful mobile internet access is to all of us. Read more

By: Eli Goodman Tags: Apps, Mobile, Multi-Platform

Blog Sep. 10, 2013 | Share Mobile Apps

Measurement in the Evolving App Environment

Recently, a leading U.S. news publisher helped us uncover a surprisingly common issue with double-counting unique browsers across mobile applications. Double-counting browsers can cascade across all of your metrics and result in incorrect analysis of how your apps are actually performing. Does your organization have multiple mobile apps? If you answered... Read more

By: Sherwood Pengel Tags: Apps, Mobile, Smartphone, Tablets, Web Analytics

Blog Mar. 6, 2013 | Share Android vs iOS

Android vs. iOS: User Differences Every Developer Should Know

With Android and iPhone now combining for nearly 90 percent of the U.S. smartphone market, many app developers are concentrating their efforts on serving the majority of smartphone users through these two platforms. But there is an inherent tension when resources are limited and developers must choose one over the other, or decide which platform to... Read more

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Blog Jan. 23, 2013 | Share Google Maps (App) vs. Facebook (App)

Facebook Vaults Ahead of Google Maps to Finish 2012 as #1 U.S. Mobile App

With another interesting year in digital media in the books, we can now begin our retrospective view of what happened in 2012 in order help bring the digital future into focus. There is little doubt that the Brave New Digital World is upon us and more than ever before we’re seeing the existing norms of the PC-centric web being disrupted by mobile... Read more

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Blog Jun. 3, 2011 | Share

comScore Releases Inaugural Data from Total Universe Report

comScore is excited to announce that we have released our first beta data set from the comScore Total Universe report, and we have some very interesting results to share. As background, the comScore Total Universe report provides audience measurement for 100 percent of a site’s traffic, including usage via mobile phones, apps, tablets and shared computers... Read more

By: Cameron Meierhoefer Tags: Apps, Mobile, Smartphone

Blog Feb. 18, 2011 | Share

Top 10 Mobile Trends of 2010: Highlights from comScore’s Mobile Year in Review

Earlier this week comScore released our inaugural Mobile Year in Review report, a comprehensive 30-page report full of data, charts and graphs highlighting the key mobile media trends of the year in the U.S. EU5 (UK, France, Germany, Spain and Italy), and Japan. 2010 was a landmark year for the mobile marketplace, as we saw companies push the envelope... Read more

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