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The Dutch Online Video Landscape

Dutch Online Viewers are some of the most engaged Europeans after the UK, watching an average of 269.5 videos per viewer. For the recent launch of comScore Video Metrix in the Netherlands, we have produced an infographic to identify the latest online video trends in the Netherlands. Read more

By: Hélène Azevedo Tags: VEVO, Video, , YouTube

Blog Apr. 25, 2013 | Share UbiquiTV

comScore at the NewFronts: UbiquiTV is the New Reality

At the NewFronts, everyone will be looking to decipher the dynamics of this increasingly multi-platform world we live in, where the lines between TV and digital video, and premium and non-premium content, are blurring. Once requiring a cable hookup, TV shows are now being watched on computers, tablets, smartphones and game consoles. And while YouTube... Read more

By: Carmela Aquino Tags: Advertising, AOL, Microsoft, Multi-Platform, Video, TV, Yahoo, YouTube

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