- 22 de septiembre, 2016

Facebook retains Social Media crown for UK Millennials

Filippo Giorgio
Filippo Giorgio
Regional Marketing Asscociate

The last few years have seen fierce competition for the Social Media crown. New and upcoming entities have emerged in the market, tackling digital networking in different ways. However, among the Millennials in the UK, one of the largest demographics and the first “digital natives”, no other provider has been able to undermine Facebook’s dominance.

The multi-platform reach of Social Media sites among UK Millennials in July 2016 was 97.6%, the highest in Europe. Analysing such a mature market helps build a comprehensive picture of 18–34s’ digital networking habits.

Some key findings:

  • Facebook’s multi-platform reach in July 2016 among Millennials was a staggering 90.2%, or more than 30 percentage points higher than second-placed Instagram.
  • Millennials love mobile devices as networking tools. Mobile reach for Social Media sites for this demographic was 99.3%, compared to a Desktop reach of 91.4%. The star of Mobile? Facebook once again, with a reach of 97.9%.
  • Social Media sites are also popular among 35+ audiences. Social Media reached 94% of this target, with Facebook once again topping this list. Contrary to Millennials, 35+ audiences still preferred Desktop (91.1% reach) to Mobile (90.2%).
  • Not only does Facebook have the highest reach in the category, but it also keeps its audience engaged for much longer. On average, Millennials spent 795 minutes per month on Facebook sites, more than double the time on Snapchat.
  • Unsurprisingly, Millennials are more easily reached than 35+ consumers on Social Media sites, where they spend on average 558 minutes longer each month.

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This report uses UKOM approved data.