- 27 juin 2012

What's Driving DTC Ad Effectiveness in 2012?

Intervenant: Michael Hulfachor, Comscore Senior Director of Client Service and Consulting

Advertising in the DTC landscape can be challenging, where it’s necessary to balance the quality of creative with the specifications of medical, legal, and regulatory agencies. Creative development must address the concerns of all players, while keeping the consumer engaged. Michael Hulfachor, Sr. Director, Pharma at Comscore shares a comprehensive analysis of more than 200 DTC campaigns tested by Comscore, showing a monumental shift in the drivers of effective DTC advertising over the last three years. Find out what is working and what isn’t working as well in today’s dynamic DTC environment.

The presentation delivers DTC key insights, including:

• 146 million Americans view health content online, up 6 percentage points in the last year

• Consumers show some skepticism from information provided by government and drug websites, while general health content sites are more trusted

• 64 percent of change in TRx share is driven by consumer DTC campaigns (quality and media) versus 36 percent from physician detailing, sales force activity and insurance

• Campaigns now require a balanced communication of risks and benefits (versus emphasis on unique benefits) and an increased understanding of drugs side effects (versus drug benefits)

About the speaker: Michael Hulfachor is a Senior Director of Client Service and Consulting, leading Comscore's Pharmaceutical creative pre-testing client service and consulting efforts. He is a recognized expert in DTC Advertising Effectiveness best practices and evaluation and received the Silver Prize in the Rising Star category of the ARF Great Mind Awards in 2011.

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