- 23 août 2014

Chile Digital Future in Focus 2014

Intervenant: Rodrigo Daie, Country Director Chile
Chile Digital Future in Focus 2014

The “2014 Chile Digital Future in Focus” report provides a year in review of the major shifts in digital consumer behavior that occurred in various online sectors, including social media, news/information, government and sports.

Key findings from the report include:

  • In June, Chile had an audience of 6.4 MM users that represents 4% of the Latin American audience.
  • Chileans spend 17.6 hours online and 61.2% of that time is spent by young people.
  • Chile ranks 3rd in social network reach in Latin America.
  • Chile has more reach than the average for Latin America in Online Commerce. Almost 60% of the audience consists of people less than 35 years old.
  • The Social Media Audience in Chile reached 6.16 million users. Facebook, Taringa and LinkedIn lead the market.
  • In June, Chileans spent 37.4 million minutes on government sites.
  • Android is the main operating system on mobile devices in Chile.

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