- 1 mars 2015

Moms' Online Mobile Behavior

Allison Ellman
Allison Ellman
Senior Analyst

Each month Comscore creates a Data Insight presentation on a different topic in digital. In this March 2015 edition, the topic is "Moms' Online Mobile Behavior".

How can YOU take advantage of the growth of moms on mobile devices?

  • Moms spend 75% of time online on mobile, and their total minutes on mobile have increased 30% since March 2014.
  • Moms shop online more and are comfortable using the internet to make purchases.
  • Using their phones while shopping in stores, Moms find last minute reviews, coupons, and other offers to ensure they are making the best purchase.
  • Moms are likely to engage with mobile ads and to use their phones to look up products they’ve seen on TV.

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