- 8 mars 2024

Comscore Campaign Ratings Local

Matthew Wiesemann
Matthew Wiesemann
Senior Manager, Marketing

In this session, we provided a comprehensive overview of our local and national capabilities and how our measurement solution can empower you to navigate the evolving landscape of digital advertising effectively and optimize your campaigns for maximum impact. You can access your copy of the presentation and the on-demand replay below.

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To recap, here are a few highlights:

  • Comscore Campaign Ratings can measure your video and display campaigns across linear TV, CTV, Desktop, Mobile, and Tablet devices at a national and local level
  • CCR is powered by a robust data set including one of the largest digital panel and census networks and set-top box return path data from 75M homes representing 99% of all U.S. zip codes
  • Local Market reporting is currently supported for the top 100 ranked markets + 29 additional markets with complete coverage to follow
  • In addition to Proximic by Comscore, 1st and 3rd Party Advanced Audiences are supported for reporting within the national solution
  • Report insights allow users to buy nationally and optimize locally to improve reach, increase ROI, and meet brand-specific KPIs

Please visit the CCR Local product page, or reach out to our dedicated team for additional resources and case studies, or to schedule a follow-up session tailored to address your team’s specific use cases.