- 14 septembre 2023

Global rise of CTV

Maite Azkuna
Maite Azkuna
Senior Analyst, Marketing Content & Insights

The market for Connected TV (CTV) is expanding globally. While the U.S. leads with 238 million monthly viewers, non-U.S. markets are booming with an average annual growth rate of 16% as of May 2023.

CTV usage expansion

In Europe, Germany tops streaming content consumption through CTV devices with 43 million monthly users and outpaces its neighbours with 25% year-on-year growth. The UK trails closely with 42 million users but a more moderate growth rate of 6%. Elsewhere on the continent, Spain and France grew by 16% and 18%, respectively.

At 89 million users, Brazil stands out as the largest CTV market outside the U.S. The South American nation boasts 89 million users. India follows: viewers in the South-Asian country leapt up 48% year-on-year to 70 million – triple the average global growth.

Time spent on CTV: YouTube

Homing in on YouTube's CTV usage outside the U.S., there is a strong upward trend in time spent across the board. Brazil tops the charts for total time spent at over 140 billion minutes, with consumers averaging 4.5 hours a day, higher than any other country. India (53%) and Malaysia (31%) lead the pack for growth, which averaged 22% globally.

A shift in consumer habits?

Spearheaded by the solid U.S. market and impressive growth trends in countries such as Brazil and India, the global CTV landscape is flourishing. Even established markets like Europe are seeing notable year-on-year gains, cementing CTV growth as a global trend.

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