- 14 mars 2022

How to rewrite your social playbook for monetization

Cecelia Xu
Cecelia Xu
Product Marketing Manager
Social media is a growing platform, reaching 253 million unique visitors in January 2022 compared to 230 million in January 20201. And it’s driven, in large part, by publishers and media.
Publishers control 35% of the share of voice across social platforms and following publishers, media and entertainment control an additional 29%2. The implication for content owners and advertisers is not only that understanding your social footprint is more important than ever, but if you are not monetizing social – you are missing out on a crucial revenue stream.

By joining forces with Shareablee, Comscore has completed the picture of traditional digital and social measurement for its clients by adding a complete view of social trending content, behaviors and reach to its desktop, mobile, and digital video measurement. Read the blog post to see how digital publishers, advertisers, and local stations can add a little more social into their everyday media plans.

How publishers can supercharge social media

For publishers and media sellers, Shareablee’s user-friendly dashboards and visuals help you understand how the incremental reach and scale of your social audiences complements your website content. Powerful metrics, such as unique engaged audiences, provide valuable insights into true reach and engagement by calculating the number of unique, deduplicated users who have engaged with your property’s social content. It’s a step beyond just tracking fans and followers and measures how memorable your content is as well as provides a gauge on retention and loyalty.

You can also refine partnership and influencer strategies with branded content intelligence that identifies who your sponsors have worked with before. For example, using Partnership Explorer, you can view branded public posts and assess how they performed to inform client pitches and plan future content.

Identify branded opportunities on social

How we help local stations monetize social

Comscore remains a currency for local television measurement with its massive linear footprint of one Comscore home measured for every three U.S. TV homes. But there was a missing piece to the Comscore jigsaw puzzle: social media.

Shareablee adds to Comscore’s local currency offerings by providing the world’s largest dictionary of brands and influencers on social media.engagement. This will help our station clients understand local news engagement for all 210 Comscore local markets, including individual anchors, reports and meteorologists. For example, stations can benchmark against competitors across all social platforms or by ready-to-use Comscore Market segments.

Access Social Market Rankings

Demystifying social for advertisers

When we polled our advertiser/media planner audience to ask what their top priority is for social, we saw agreement on two goals: “drive traffic to your website” and “engage with current consumers.” So, how can Shareablee help with these goals?

Understanding how your campaigns perform across social platforms becomes easy when you’re able to make apples-to-apples comparisons. Shareablee’s Campaign Performance Index uses similar campaign metrics across social to assess how your campaign performed relative to other similar campaigns, so you can understand how your marketing budget is working for you with an objective and data-driven benchmark.

Comparison of Campaign Performance

With more than 20 million companies and influencers under always-on measurement in 70+ countries, Shareablee’s social media solutions help you account for incremental reach on social, plan integrated digital and social strategies, and adapt to future cross-platform innovations. Learn more about Comscore’s social media measurement solutions here.

1 Source: Comscore MMX Multi-Platform, Social Media, January 2020 – January 2022, U.S.