- 28 juin 2024
Steve Bagdasarian
Steve Bagdasarian
Chief Commercial Officer

The Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity showcased the rapid pace of the media and advertising industry in 2024. We’re at the peak of consumer consumption across all channels, formats, and devices, putting immense pressure on every ad dollar.

AI was a major topic, and while its adoption in marketing is mixed, stakeholders are balancing risk and opportunity. At Comscore, we continue to introduce valid AI applications that enhance our big data capabilities.

A clear theme at Cannes was the need for advertisers to convert demand into action amidst tighter budgets and a focus on outcomes. Success in this area depends on understanding each channel’s role in the media mix, from top to bottom of the funnel, and closely aligning with consumer purchase decisions.

Performance-oriented channels like mobile, search, and social, alongside traditional ones, must integrate into a holistic media plan driving ROI. Comscore’s role is crucial in ensuring the right channel mix for marketers and providing proactive measurement data. Effective performance-based measurement starts with a universal view of reach and frequency to avoid inefficiency. Our data’s localization capabilities enable brands to tailor their media strategies to where consumers actually make purchasing decisions.

At Cannes, we announced more investment in this area. Comscore and Kochava released a new performance media solution for linear TV, linking it to mobile app activity, website interactions, and purchase data, proving traditional channels’ significant downstream impact. Initial case studies show traditional channel exposure drives significant downstream lift, and we’re excited to see how this data evolves.

Advertisers must first set deduplicated reach and frequency values correctly to optimize their media mix. Linear TV remains a powerful tool for efficient reach, and our new solution offers insights into its influence on both online and offline outcomes.

Watch my interview with Kochava’s CEO to learn more about our partnership. Our latest innovation in outcomes-based measurement reflects Comscore’s commitment to leveraging data for more effective media strategies, balancing privacy needs and first-party data.

National advertisers will benefit from our measurement’s market-level granularity, challenging them to rethink their strategy. This enables them to optimize non-linear environments during in-flight linear campaigns while confidently attributing downstream outcomes to respective channel exposure.