- 7 avril 2008

The Offline Impact of Online Advertising

I published an article in the Harvard Business Review this month, summarizing some of the work Comscore has been doing with clients to evaluate the effectiveness of online advertising. As with most things in business, the return on investment is what drives future plans, especially advertising plans. One of the benefits of our two million person online panel is the ability to match our panelists with clients’ sales databases to measure the purchases that people exposed to online advertising make in bricks and mortar stores. The results of these studies help quantify the ROI from the online advertising. The studies demonstrate consistently positive results showing that online display ads work to build traffic to an advertiser’s website, to increase sales on their website, and to increase sales through their in-store channels.

Use this link to read full article. A summary chart of the findings runs below.

Results from 18 studies in the finance, travel, telecommunications, and retail sectors collectively show that online ads have a powerful effect on off-line sales. Running search ads tends to be more effective than using display ads, and combining both types is more effective still.

From the Harvard Business Review, April 2008.