Unlock the Power of Co-Viewing on Roku


- 19 octobre 2023
John Taveras
John Taveras
Director, Ad Measurement and Analytics
Steve Bagdasarian
Steve Bagdasarian
Chief Commercial Officer

Measuring Cross-Screen viewership at the persons-level is crucial in today’s fragmented video viewing environment.

Audience habits have become more dynamic across multiple devices, with 81% of total U.S. households (with WIFI) streaming TV content. Today the average household views five streaming TV services over the course of one month (July 2023). During the same period, U.S. households spent a combined 10.7 billion hours streaming.

As user viewing patterns shift, advertisers need precise campaign performance across all screens to optimize spend and manage frequency. Shifting dollars to Streaming TV requires data-driven decision-making.

Comscore has announced the integration of Roku - the #1 TV streaming platform in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico* - into its flagship cross platform solution, Comscore Campaign Ratings (CCR).

Comscore’s measurement is comprehensive across TV streaming ad campaigns on the Roku platform, including The Roku Channel. Comscore is now an approved measurement vendor in Roku’s Measurement Partner Program.

The partnership with Roku enables agencies and advertisers to make critical campaign decisions with confidence by unlocking Roku-specific co-viewing. Clients can quantify the number of people watching the screen, beyond counting the household, and measure key audiences within Comscore’s cross-platform, persons-level reporting.

Insights: 37% Lift In Ad Exposure Delivered through Co-Viewing Audiences

Roku’s advertisers need actionable, cross-screen insights and incremental reach measurement that is stable, at-scale and precise.

Analysis of Roku ad campaigns with Comscore Campaign Ratings (CCR) quantifies not only in-target reach and frequency on the Roku platform but also campaign incrementality to linear TV.

Based on an analysis of Roku campaigns, Comscore data surfaces the performance of six campaigns spanning four major verticals, including retail, automotive, CPG, and real estate, measuring a total of 62 million ads delivered on Roku.

Viewers on Roku saw these ads an average of 3.6 times per campaign amongst the target audience compared to 11.4 times on Linear TV. Co-viewing on Roku drove +37% lift across the 6 campaigns.

Unlocking Roku insights with Comscore

Unlocking Roku insights with Comscore

With Comscore, advertisers and agencies can assess the incremental impact of Roku within their media plans while also understanding the co-viewing on Roku compared to other platforms. Comscore’s insights offer a complete and accurate read on viewership down to the persons-level, helping our clients maximize their reach across platforms and apps.

The integration of Roku’s platform into Comscore’s flagship cross-platform solution, Comscore Campaign Ratings (CCR), validates audiences with precision across Streaming TV, desktop, and mobile platforms, and includes measurement of ad campaigns on Roku.

The Roku-Comscore integration will also allow agencies and advertisers to survey audiences exposed on Roku by leveraging Comscore’s Brand Survey Lift (BSL) solution for evaluating ad spend impact on attitudinal brand measures such as awareness, favorability and intent.

To learn more about how to measure, maximize and monetize on Roku connect with the Comscore team here.

* based on hours streamed, December 2022 Hypothesis Group. Please note CCR is only available in the U.S.