Comscore Launches Political Targeting Solutions for 2024 Election Season, exclusively on The Trade Desk

Proximic by Comscore, a division of Comscore, is excited to announce an expansion of our partnership with The Trade Desk with the integration of our new industry-first solution that captures TV ad exposure down to the local level and makes it available for audience targeting. These new Political TV Ad Exposure audiences are currently accessible exclusively in The Trade Desk.

Effectively driving incremental reach over linear is critical to a successful cross-channel strategy. Media buyers need better tools to re-engage or suppress linear ad viewers to optimize their CTV and digital strategies and we are excited to deliver on those needs. Furthermore, with privacy regulations increasing in complexity daily, Proximic by Comscore offers these new segments in both ID-based and privacy-centric contextual ID-free Predictive Audiences for maximum reach.

This new political targeting capability is an additional element of our overall suite of targeting capabilities, which includes the ability to target according to TV ad exposure at the brand and product level, TV show and Network viewership, streaming viewership, and more.

Comscore Launches AI-Powered Political Audience Targeting Solutions Ahead of 2024 Election Season, Initially Exclusive to Media Buyers on The Trade Desk

New First-to-Market Political Ad Exposure Segments Empower Political Marketers to Reach Custom Audiences with Local Level Precision

New York, NY - October 24, 2023 - Proximic by Comscore, a division of Comscore Inc. (NASDAQ:SCOR) and a leading provider of audience and content targeting solutions for programmatic activation, has enabled a new suite of audience segments that reach users based on exposure to specific political campaigns and local TV exposure. The new segments arrive today, available exclusively to clients of global digital media-buying platform, The Trade Desk.

Heading into the 2024 election year that’s forecasted to exceed a record $10 billion in political ad spend1, these new segments allow marketers to reach political audiences in a privacy-centric way, using Comscore’s unique, customizable political TV ad exposure segments. Available at the presidential, senate, house and gubernatorial level, Proximic by Comscore is building on its commitment to providing marketers with precise and scalable ways to reach their intended audiences.

“As more political advertisers look for ways for greater reach with right audiences, digital advertising becomes a critically important component to media campaigns. The open internet provides opportunities for political advertisers to apply more data to better understand what messages resonate with audiences,” said Kevin Fisher, GM, Business Development, The Trade Desk. “In working with Proximic by Comscore, we’re presenting an innovative and privacy-centric offering to marketers across connected TV.”

“With the 2024 election season on the horizon and record-breaking spending anticipated, Proximic is excited to integrate our Political Ad Exposure segments into The Trade Desk to empower advertisers to reach political audiences in a privacy-centric manner,” said Rachel Gantz, Managing Director of Proximic by Comscore. “Media buyers will now have the ability to extend reach and drive incrementality over linear, to effectively compete in this hyper-competitive race.”

The political TV ad exposure custom segments are available as ID-based audiences and ID-free contextual Predictive Audiences.

Primary use cases include:

  • Reach extension: Marketers can suppress viewers of a candidate’s linear TV ads to achieve digital and CTV incrementality
  • Amplify frequency: Marketers can reach viewers of a candidate’s linear TV ads to increase or reduce frequency across other channels
  • Increase share of voice: Marketers can target audiences who have been exposed to competitor candidates’ ads, to increase their own share of voice

The launch of Proximic by Comscore’s political local TV ad exposure segments adds to Proximic’s existing offering of dynamic political advertising capabilities.

For further information, please contact Proximic by Comscore’s Head of Sales Angela Rodriguez at

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Proximic by Comscore, a division of Comscore, Inc. (NASDAQ: SCOR) is a leader in programmatic targeting. Powered by Comscore’s trusted datasets and the industry’s leading natural language processing contextual engine, Proximic by Comscore enables media buyers and sellers to maximize the scale and performance of their campaigns. Through their innovative suite of ID-based and ID-less audience and content targeting segments Proximic by Comscore supports the evolution of the programmatic ecosystem, enabling clients and partners to continue executing impactful advertising strategies.

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