Acting the Part with Matthew Jones

Paul Dergarabedian
Paul Dergarabedian
Senior Media Analyst

Paul Dergarabedian is joined by Matthew Jones, a Chicago-born and trained actor who has appeared in more than 60 different television shows and motion pictures.

Listen as Matthew shares how he successfully left his career in marketing for acting and some of the on-set adventures he’s had during his time in front of the camera. Then stick around as Matthew and Paul discuss the importance of networking to consistently book jobs and how that has led to working on Jimmy Kimmel Live! regularly.

This episode covers:

  • Transitioning from a career in marketing to acting
  • On-set adventures
  • Shooting a modern-day soap opera
  • Making your mark in the industry with guest star/co-star roles
  • How auditioning has changed and what Matthew predicts for future auditions
  • Working on Jimmy Kimmel Live!
  • The importance of networking to work consistently as an actor

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